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"The First Step to Self Expression Begins Here" 

Our Mission

At Just Dance, it is our mission to fully commit ourselves to our students growth. We will be with them every step of the way to nurture and guide them in their dance journey. Bask in the bright and happy atmosphere at Just Dance Studio.

Fire your child's imagination and see how graceful movements and music elevate expression. Find the perfect place where your kids discover their innate creativity as we introduce them to the liberating wonders of dance. We go beyond teaching kids all the right moves. Viewing dance as a creative, emotional outlet and a means to express artistic ideas.

Bask in the bright, happy, and nurturing environment everybody enjoys at our studio. Consider it your second home.

Welcome to Just Dance Studio in Little Falls, New York.

Meet Our Team


Alicia Dodge

Owner/ Artistic Director

​Alicia Dodge always had a dream to one day own a dance studio with the passion and love that she has for the art of dance. In 2008, that dream came true, and Just Dance Studio was born. Alicia started dance and gymnastics at the age of 3, became a competitive gymnast by the age of 6 and went on to become a competitive dancer by the age of 8. Aside from dance and gymnastics, Alicia was a cheerleader throughout high school, and choreographed her cheer squads routines her junior and senior years, leading them to victory at local competitions. She has won many awards in her career, but her proudest moments were winning UCA All Star, and a scholarship award to NYC to study dance alongside the top choreographers and dancers in the country. She has choreographed for local cheerleading squads, and school plays as well. Alicia formed her studio's competition team in 2010 and has won excellence in choreography. She has led her team to many first place and overall high score awards including Star Studio, Ultimate Showmanship, Ultimate Entertainment, and bids to the World Dance Championships 4 years in a row. Alicia is a member of the Dance Studio Owners Association and is always attending virtual seminars, and summits to further her repertoire and continue evolving and growing with all that is current in the dance world. Alicia hopes to enrich the lives of all dancers who walk through her studio doors, and is excited to continue her studios success for years to come and can't wait to see what the future holds for Just Dance Studio. 

Hope Dawley- Instructor

Hope Dawley- Instructor

Caroline Nicolette- Instructor

Caroline Nicolette- Instructor

Carli Grabinski- Instructor

Carlie Grabinski- Instructor

Lily Hall- Instructor

Lily Hall- Instructor

Jasmine Hayes- Instructor

Jasmine Hayes- Instructor

Teddi Fallis

Teddi Fallis- Receptionist


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"I would like to take the time to thank you as Ella's dance teacher.  Ella may be timid in class. She had a rough start, being scared and not having much exposure of going places and being part of things, thanks to Covid. But she loves to dance at home. She watches and dances to the winter recital song, and all the songs you play in class everyday. She has been practicing her routine for the spring recital all the time. While she's not be super interactive in class, she does love going. She pretends she is the teacher, like you, and instructs her brother to stand in special spots and tries to act like you! One class, you had a sweatshirt tied around your waist. The next day, she made me tie her sweatshirt the same way.

I understand teaching is difficult and it definitely takes a special person for it. I just wanted you to hear the impact you have made on my 3 year old"

-Rebecca Wilcox

"Alicia is a fantastic dance instructor. It shows in her work how much she loves dance and her students. Actually, she treats them all as they were/are her own. She is very patient and works with everyone's strengths and abilities. My daughter has learned so much from Alicia and looks forward to going to dance day in and day out"

- Michelle Burton

" I was apprehensive when I first began searching for a dance studio for my ADHD/Autistic daughter with severe anxiety. However, it quickly became very apparent that Just Dance was an excellent choice. My child is treated as an equal, and she has been given every opportunity to shine while doing what she loves. It is an inclusive environment where she is accepted and praised for her efforts. We are both very happy to be a part of the Just Dance Studio family, here's to many more years!! "

- Lauri Tupper

“My daughter started dancing at the age of 2, it was easy to see she had a passion for the stage. It was difficult to find a dance teacher that was just as commited and passionate as she was so after a few different studios we finally found her dance home at Just Dance Studio. She has now danced for Miss Alicia for six years, each year progressing more and more. Being a part of the competiton team has challenged her while making her confident and showing her that hard work pays off! Miss Alicia has proven to put her students needs above her own and takes a special interest in every student, utilizing their individual skills and abilities to make each one shine. We feel we have been blessed with Alicia and this studio. Can't wait to see what the future has in store!”

-Kim Sabatino 

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